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Silva Serene

Indian Head Massage FAQs

What do I wear throughout the session?

A loose top/t-shirt is ideal. Vest tops with slim straps would be ideal for females.

Do I need to bring any hair clips if I have long hair?

Yes, as your hair will need to be clipped up initially when your neck and shoulders are being massaged.

Can I leave my makeup on?

Ideally no makeup is better but as the massage movements on the face are gentle, it is not necessary to remove makeup before.

Do you use oil in my hair / on my face?

I do use a 'natural products' balm for the treatment, however, this can be avoided if required.

How will I feel after the session?

Most people feel very calm and relaxed. Sometimes you can feel a little dizzy or light headed, so it is advised that you sit quietly for 10 minutes afterwards to make sure you are grounded before getting on with your day. Any dizziness passes quite quickly and most people feel energised.

If you have any other questions, please contact me: