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Silva Serene

Brief History of Reiki

Reiki is believed to have originated in Tibet many thousands of years ago and that the original system of healing was lost. In the mid-1800s Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki. He carried out a 21-year-long study that involved learning about history’s great spiritual leaders, the study of Buddhist teachings and ancient sounds and symbols linked to the human body and nervous system. He also learned the technique to use the life force energy to heal. Subsequently, Usui is claimed to have undergone a metaphysical experience and became empowered to use the ancient system of healing. It is now widely used throughout the western world as a popular means of relaxing, calming and healing.

The underlying principles of Reiki recommend a design for living in balance with all others and with nature. These five spiritual practices were put into place by Dr. Usui the founder of the Reiki system. These guidelines are still given today by Reiki Masters around the world for us to remember daily, as a reminder to us of what is of real value, they are:

Just for today, I let go of anger.
Just for today, I let go of worry.
Just for today, I will count my blessings.
Just for today, I will do my work honestly.
Just for today, I will be kind and show gratitude to every living creature.

Because the study and practice of Reiki encourages personal or spiritual development, Reiki may help with a wide range of issues and conditions, as it puts the whole individual – body and soul – in the best position to create a more harmonious and well-balanced life style.